[DOWNLOAD] – Staged vs Vacant Homes

You’ve listed your home for sale, cleaned it out, and now you’re ready to start scheduling showings. What can you do to create a lasting impression on potential buyers that step through the door?

We’ve put together a downloadable gallery of our vacant home staging process, which can be done for key rooms, or throughout the entire home. Check out the stunning transformations to turn empty spaces into dazzling showrooms that spark imagination with home buyers. Establishing an emotional connection is one of our core principles, and these before and after staging photos show the difference it can make when you can explore the many possibilities that a room could have.

The end result? Buyers that are more motivated to place higher offers quickly on your property for sale.


Staged vs vacant homes infographic - Staging That Sells



Click below to download a gallery of the images above.

Staged Vs Vacant Homes Comparison