Home Staging For St Louis Realtors ®

According to the NAR, 96% of Realtors® agree that staging impacts buyer perceptions. Gain your competitive advantage!

St Louis realtors - benefits of home stagingThose Realtors® also stated that buyers most often offer a 1 to 10 percent increase on the value of a staged home. Since the cost to stage a home is typically just 1 to 3 percent of the home asking price, you and your clients will more than make up for that original outlay of cash.

When a house has been sitting on the market for a while, staging can be an alternative to dropping the price.

The right furniture arrangements, accessories and finishes can showcase a house’s architectural features and downplay any flaws. You’ll have another shot at attracting a large number of buyers without having to settle for less than top dollar.

It can also be helpful to point out that a few month’s worth of mortgage payments are often more than the cost of staging!

Plus, if a client’s house has something that definitely needs to be changed — for example, the living room is used as an exhibition space for whatever they collect (and yes, we’ve seen it several times!), we’ll play the “bad cop” and make the case for the change. With us, rectifying a flaw can be presented as just part of an objective staging process. That way, there’s no risk of your client feeling criticized or judged, thus allowing you to be the “good cop” and preserve a positive relationship with your client.

Offering cooperative staging is a great marketing tool for your business.

The client is not the only one who benefits from home staging. Staging is a powerful marketing tool that agents can use to sell homes faster and for a higher price. When you have a client who is reluctant to pay for staging, consider offering to reimburse the seller for all or part of the staging cost at closing. This becomes a win-win for both the seller and agent because the home is in showcase condition out of the gate. Time is money- and staging the property typically reduces days on market, meaning everyone gets paid faster. Offering this service also sets you apart from the competition and reinforces your commitment to the seller. We have found it to be a very successful tool for winning listings, creating stronger relationships with clients, and winning referrals.

Professional staging is such a powerful marketing tool that 62 percent of Realtors® representing sellers recommend home staging services. So, why not partner with a Certified Staging Professional and reap the benefits?

We help maximize client business for St Louis realtors – let’s work together!

Take a look at our gallery of vacant and occupied staged homes to see how we can transform dull spaces into rooms that catch the eye of potential buyers.

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