If I’m living in the house with the rented furniture, am I liable for damage? How do I keep it all intact but still live in my house?

When you sign a contract with us, you are indeed responsible for any damage that occurs to rented items while they are in your space. However, we will do a thorough preliminary examination with you when the items are first brought in and note any existing marks or scratches for which you aren’t responsible.

We strive to find a happy balance between a perfectly staged home and allowing you to be comfortable in your home during the listing process. We may change what a homeowner uses a particular space for (e.g., if your dining room is set up for sewing or arts and crafts creation, we will most likely change it back to a regular dining room) but we’ll ensure that you’re not too terribly inconvenienced in the short time it will take for your professionally staged home to sell!