How does the staging process work?

The process starts with an In-Home Consultation, which involves us going through your house to get a sense of its history and style and discuss your needs. We evaluate each room with the eye of a prospective buyer and make notes of what needs to be changed, updated, or improved. At the end of the evaluation, we provide recommendations that range from basic showcasing (e.g., de-cluttering, bringing in accessories, swapping out furniture or other decor) to major changes (e.g., painting, new flooring or window treatments). You’ll receive a written report with our recommendations after the consultation.

We can leave things at this initial consultation, or you can hire Staging That Sells to do the actual showcasing. We’ll do most everything involved, including making recommendations for colors, flooring, and other improvements that require the work of an outside contractor. Hiring and contracting with outside labor will be the responsibility of the owner/seller.

If we decide that you need furnishings and accessories to supplement what you have, you can rent from us or we can go shopping for the needed items (always taking your budget into consideration). You get to keep the purchased items.

If the home is vacant and unoccupied, we will provide and arrange all furnishings and accessories.