Vacant Home – Kids Room

Every parent knows that a messy bedroom is like stepping into a war zone: toys and other clutter can be like painful landmines, just waiting to be accidentally walked over. For a potential buyer, a messy room is always a big detractor, and any real estate agent will always recommend cleaning your space before presenting it to potential buyers. However, on the other extreme, an empty bedroom tends to not leave much to the imagination, especially in a fully vacant home. With staging, we can paint a picture to let the buyer know what it might look like if their child (or their future family) were to sleep in this space! There are plenty of ways to give a kid’s bedroom some eye appeal, which is exactly what we did for this seller.

For this staged vacant home, we added a decorative twin bed with matching pillow and sheets in a fun decorative pattern—almost like something you’d see on a gum ball or a piece of canvas that a young child had been painting on! Several key pieces are used to further emphasize fun and little ones, including a stuffed elephant on the bed and children’s books on the dresser drawers. The beauty of this design is that it is simple and elegant while giving the buyer a glimpse of what the room would feel like if they were to fill it out.

If you’re interested in discovering the ideal way to stage your kid’s room (or any room in your home!) we’re happy to help.

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