See your home from a buyer’s perspective

Home sellers benefit from hiring an impartial third party with a trained eye to offer feedback on how the home looks to prospective buyers. As homeowners, we get used to the physical condition of our home and can tune out minor issues that a buyer may hone in on immediately. As they say, you never have a second opportunity to make a first impression. Knowing that buyers’ first impressions often dictate whether or not they even view a home, it’s important to dazzle them from day one.

Addressing these issues before listing the home is important, because “time is money”, especially when considering how “days on the market” can affect home sale prices. Most Realtors® agree that buyers will assume that something is wrong with a home that has been on the market a long time, and will offer a lower price…if they make an offer at all.


Hands-on Showcasing

With the Hands-on Showcasing service, Staging That Sells will physically move furniture, place accessories, and transform your house into a showplace. Our job is to make your home picture-perfect by emphasizing and accentuating its best qualities, while minimizing its flaws.

Using as much of your existing furniture and decor as possible, we will work to provide a warm, inviting space that is uniquely yours.

This is a perfect service for the homeowner short on time or simply lacking the desire or know-how to implement the In-Home Consultation Staging recommendations list themselves.

Accessories and Furniture Acquisitions

Feelings and emotional connection are what truly sell a house. If a buyer is walking in the door, they’ve already decided that your home meets their criteria on paper. Sometimes the addition of some new furniture or accessory pieces is required to make your home really “pop” in the eyes of the buyer.

Staging That Sells provides three levels of service to meet your needs.

  1. After our assessment, we will provide you with a detailed list of recommendations for accessories and/or furniture pieces for you to buy on your own.
  2. You can supplement your existing look by renting furniture and accessories from our inventory.
  3. Working within your budget, Staging That Sells will select and purchase items for you to use during staging and keep afterward.

We use proven design principles and a personal touch to create elegant, stylish rooms by rearranging furniture, highlighting focal points, and adding accessories. You and your buyers will love the results!

Let us help you find the best solutions to sell your home quickly. For additional details, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule your consultation!
Contact us to learn more or to schedule your consultation!