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Curb Appeal Ideas for Homes [Infographic]

Curb appeal ideas for homes | Staging That SellsEveryone has heard the saying, “First impressions matter,” and when it comes to real estate, the exterior of a building is the first impression buyers have. While the interior is the difference between a house and a home, the outside of the house is what draws a potential buyer in.

Ask yourself this: are you more likely to pick the well-kept house that has the lush green lawn and a fresh coat of paint, or the one with overgrown weeds, a broken mailbox and dead patches in the grass?

The home-buying experience begins with the walk onto the property and taking in all elements of the property at once. Curb appeal can invoke the feelings of the home being cozy, inviting or affluent to potential buyers. How the outside of the house looks can immediately set the tone and start to build a positive experience for a buyer. If you get the immediate feeling of being home, just by glancing at the house, you’ve got curb appeal.

With that being said, what are some curb appeal ideas for homes? Below you’ll find a checklist of items that can influence buyer perception and help increase market value when selling your home. Check out these tips and integrate them into your home selling strategy!


10 Great Curb Appeal Ideas for Homes

  1. Wash Your Home’s Exterior
  2. Upgrade Your Hardware
  3. Go All-In With Landscaping
  4. Put Up a Fence
  5. Fix Your Mailbox
  6. Paint Your Front Door
  7. Consider a New Garage Door
  8. Take Care of Your Roof
  9. Add Some Outdoor Furniture
  10. Get a Paint Job

(Infographic courtesy of First Fence Company)

Need more inspiration? If you’re in the early stages of selling a home and unsure of where to start, be sure to check out our guide on preparing your home for an open house, and contact us when you’re ready for a consultation with a Certified Staging Professional™!