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Home Staging Quick Tip: Hiding Cords

When we stage a home, we bring in a myriad of items that are used throughout different rooms, such as furniture, artwork, and lighting. A common challenge we bump into is whenever we need to stage around lamps or any other items that require electricity from an outlet. Cables can be unsightly, especially when they’re in plain view, or worse yet, positioned in a way to where open house visitors could potentially trip over them.

Throughout our journey of staging numerous homes across the St. Louis area, we’ve identified a fantastic way to keep cords organized while giving off the appearance of keeping them hidden! For best results, it’s useful if your cords match the baseboards of the room you are in. Or, as an alternative, you could paint your cords to match your walls. Yes, it is possible!¬†

Check out our video below to learn how you can hide cables with a simple, cost effective solution.