After shot of living room that has been staged and painted

The Best Paint Colors for Staging a Home

This month, our RESA Greater St. Louis Chapter had an informative meeting at the Sherwin-Williams commercial/design center. Designer account executive Katie Moses and her colleagues told us about a wide variety of new and updated online, digital, and print tools that the company offers for free. They shared information about color trends and new collections. Plus, we gathered some interesting tidbits such as what NOT to clean your walls with! I was excited to learn about this and share a recap with all of you on how it applies to selling a home. These are some useful tips if you use or purchase Sherwin Williams products – look no further than the before/after images below to see just how important color selection is!

Tools and Tips from Sherwin-Williams on Selecting Staging Palettes

    1. What color would look good on the walls in a particular room? If you use the Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap® Visualizer, it lets you see any of the company’s 1,500 colors on your walls by dragging and dropping the colors into pictures—in real time. You can easily try different color options, save the selections, and then share the results in a variety of ways. Savvy home sellers know that fresh neutral-colored walls are a must in today’s market. This tool offers an excellent way to ensure that you have just the right tone, tint, or shade to complement the flooring and lighting in your property. A Home Staging Professional with certification in color selections can help you navigate the choices and pinpoint the specific one that is perfect.
    2. Colors can affect our mood, and in responding to the lifestyle shifts caused by the COVID pandemic, Sherwin-Williams introduced the Living Well™ collection, a mix of colors and paints chosen to invite a sense of comfort, style, and well-being into the home. When introducing the collection, the company noted that during the pandemic, “Bedrooms were turned into classrooms, living rooms into gyms and kitchens into conference rooms. Living Well means creating a home that works harder for you, whether transforming rooms that serve multiple functions or selecting paint and colors that help create a haven.” With names like Balance, Recharge, and Unwind, the collection’s 11 pallets invoke a sense of calm and comfort that would be appealing to the vast majority of today’s home buyers.
    3. One of the biggest turn-offs for home buyers is walking into a property that has strong odors. Pet smells, smoke, even cooking odors get into carpets, rugs, draperies and walls. So, when selling a property with strong odors, it is essential to remove all rugs and draperies, replace the carpeting (just having them cleaned won’t remove entrenched odors), and repaint. To help keep odors at bay, we recommend using Sherwin-Williams Super Paint with Air Purifying Technology. It contributes to better indoor air quality by reducing VOC levels from potential sources like cooking oils, smoke, carpet, cabinets and fabrics. The odor eliminating technology also helps reduce common indoor odors, so rooms stay fresher, longer that.
    4. Want to keep your paint looking fresh? Cleaning them with a dry Swiffer Sweeper will keep the dust off. You can wash them but avoid any cleaners that include any kind of alcohol, e.g., isopropyl or methylpropyl. They’ll remove the finish from your paint. Also, avoid using Magic Erasers on wall marks. If you rub too hard, you’ll remove the finish along with the mark! A better solution is to try a wet sponge with a small drop of Dawn or other grease-cutting dish soap.

    Selling your home and have questions about the best paint colors to use or how you can improve your return on investment by working with a certified staging professional? Give us a call or drop us a message!