Staged home in University City, MO. Winter decorating ideas

6 Winter Decorating Ideas To Brighten Your World

It’s 10 degrees outside. The glimmer and glow of the holiday season is gone, and between the overcast skies and muddy, icy slush on the ground, wintertime is getting downright depressing.

The good news is that by creating a  sense of coziness in your abode, and also including some cheerful winter decorations, you can enliven your living space and brighten your spirits!

Since we’re all forced to spend so much time indoors this time of year, here are some of our favorite winter decorating ideas to help keep spirits high during dreary winter months and the worst of polar vortexes.

Make Your Home Cozier With These Winter Decorating Ideas:


Staged home in University City, MO. Winter decorating ideas

  1. Add more light to tune out the darker days. Create your own daylight with light-reflecting pieces, such as metallic and crystal décor items, mirrors, and additional lamps. You can also try built-in systems that use LEDs capable of changing colors to boost your energy in the daytime and help you wind down in the evening. Avoid dark heavy curtains at night and use shear material for privacy instead.
  1. Inject energy through color. “Adding a hot hue within a neutral setting is one of the easiest ways to inject warmth and energy into a space, so it’s an excellent place to start if you’re looking to combat the blues in the winter months,” says Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair’s resident style advisor. She suggests focusing on just a couple of uplifting colors to sprinkle throughout your home, something like hot pink, zesty lime, or a fluorescent blue. Be sure the tones are complimentary and limit it to no more than three colors. This image, a University City renovation by our clients Chris and, incorporates lots of bright color.
  1. Wall art. We switch up centerpieces, mantle décor and floral arrangements for the seasons, so why not wall art? When it comes to winter decorating ideas, wall art is one of the first things to catch the eye when one enters a room, so bring in pieces with bright, happy colors to lighten the mood. Canvas and metal art (think “reflective”), in particular, are affordable, easy to hang options.
  1. Get out of the holiday décor rut. Leaving your festive decor up all year long is tempting, but it’s better for your mindset to put it back up into the attic. Some items will still be applicable for the rest of the winter season, but if they remind you of the frigid weather outside, then it’s time to put them away. The holidays also create a lot of clutter, which can be just as depressing as the weather outside.
  1. Go for soft, cozy textures. To warm up your home and make it feel welcoming, use a variety of pillows in different textures and add cozy throw blankets in the living area and bedrooms. Bring in energy through the “hot colors” you chose, and “Think about combining fur, with sweater like fabrics and even pom poms are a fun touch,” Hip & Humble Style points out. “It’s all about layering, think of it like dressing for a cold winter day!”
  1. Bring in the outdoor greenery. Although the landscaping may be dormant and bare outside right now, you can always bring it back to life inside your home. Succulents are a good low-maintenance option that don’t require as much sunlight. Bright flowers will remind you that spring weather is right around the corner, and if they smell like spring, that’s an added bonus to trick your senses. Seeing them bloom and grow will bring positivity into your home. Place fresh, or faux flowers in soft cremes or whites on your dining table, tucked in on your mantel, or in a hanging wall basket.

It’s no secret that winter brings cold, dark days and a gloomy atmosphere that can negatively impact your mood. By incorporating these winter decorating ideas, you can make your home a cozy and comforting hideaway during the most frigid of months…and all year round. Lastly: if you’re decorating your home with the intent to sell, be sure to check out our guidelines on selling your house in the winter.

We’re often asked if we can provide decorating guidance – the answer is yes! If you’re in need of brightening up or refreshing the look of your home, give us a call. Our “redesigners” will help you update the look of your home using your existing items. We can also provide recommendations – or shop for – new items to bring in, all within your budget.